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Which Is the Safest City For Women In India? Here Is Our Top 10 List!

Travelling to a new city? But you are nervous if it is safe for you or not! Before making a big move, knowing and looking up to the safest cities of India is way important prior to shifting. Is this the first time you are going to a different city all alone? Maybe you are just an adult so you are not at all worrying about this. But being worried is something next to an unfortunate reality. People say, 'prevention is better than cure.' So why not research about the current safest cities of India? Valuing your safety should always be your first priority over anything else. Read the article below to know more about India and also to follow your dreams.


Here is our Top 10 list of Safest cities in India:


  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Chandigarh
  • Coimbatore
  • Indore
  • Bangalore
  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad
  • Chennai




Mumbai - the city of dreams! A number of people believe so and every day more than thousands go to Mumbai to fulfil their dreams. There's no point denying that Mumbai is the poshest city in India. The crime rate is quite low over there. Mumbai is a rank holding city when it comes to the safety of women. The rent is very high and for some people, it almost touches the sky. Affording Mumbai is not everyone's cup of tea. Although the job opportunities are just beyond there. Mumbai is also considered to be the commercial hub of India.




Pune has got the 5th rank in the list of safest cities of India for women. It is known as the social capital of Maharashtra. This city is a great location to kick start your career or maybe college life! The crime rate of Pune is low too especially because of its 24*7 security. 




You may all have studied in your history book that Chandigarh was the first planned safest city in India! Isn't this an amazing fact to know? It is also known as the cultural capital of India because the city has got a handful of renowned bands and artists performing everyday on a regular basis over there. 




Coimbatore has got the 3rd rank in the list of safest cities of India for women. No wonders because this city never fails to be present in the list of safest cities of India. 




Indore is known as the business capital of Madhya Pradesh. The place is renowned for its glass bangles all over the country. Local people of Indore are mostly warm to the outsiders and are very hospitable. So, moving to Indore is nothing less than an outstanding option!




Bangalore is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. The city has got a large number of job opportunities, high standards of living along with modern infrastructures. Here, the crime rate is low too! The location has a number of IT firms within it. According to the reports, more than 62% of people currently living in Bangalore, are from the other parts of the country. Apart from the safety criteria for women, the location has got great cafes all around the city serving people with the best Dosa, biryani, cheesecake, pizza all in the same lane. Hence, altogether Bangalore is an awesome place to shift into.




Kolkata is known to be one of the safest cities in the entire country and also it is one in the world too! This city has got the 1st rank in the list of safest cities of India for women. Kolkata is popularly known as the city of joy. The roadside food stalls over there will definitely make you fall in love with them. The sweets have a different and authentic taste there. Roshogolla is the most famous one among all of the others and most probably the favourite sweet of all the sweet tooths over there. 




A number of people believe that Hyderabad has really got higher standards of living compared to the other cities of the entire country. The city has got quite a good rank on various lists because of its low crime rate, high employment rate, good schools and universities along with low pollution. These things usually attract the community a lot! Hyderabad is one of the safest places situated in India. The location is also an IT hub. Hence, if you are searching for a tech job without any sort of hesitation you can move to this city to achieve your goals. 




Ahmedabad is also one of the safest cities in India, especially for women. Many women hesitate to move outside, usually in the dark hours, after the evening. This city is ideal for all those women who still live in fear. There is steady police patrolling in the evening hours and this has helped many families to live peacefully without any sort of tension or fear. Hence, if you wish to, then definitely can stay outdoors for a longer period of time. Usually, women entrepreneurs move to this city because Ahmedabad is seeing huge industrialization currently!




Love the southern part of India? Is Idli-Dosa your favourite food? Want to meet Rajnikanth? Sounds like a lifetime achievement right? Chill! These are not only the things which consist of the entire Southern part. There's more beyond it. This is a place where cultural programmes are given great importance like dance, drama, music etc. Apart from all of these interesting features, Chennai is a safe and a great place for Indian women. The city has got a low crime rate. This location is not only safe for the Indian women but also it is safe for the foreigners and female solo travellers. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now. The summer months are extremely hot in Chennai but you gotta chill because this location has got plenty of beaches within it to cool you down on its extreme hot days.