Account & Profile

  1. How can I enroll myself on propproper.com ?

It's very simple! Follow the below mentioned points to enroll yourself into the web portal:

  • Click on the "Sign In" tab present on the topmost right corner of the webpage.
  • Click on the "Signup" option from the available drop-down list.
  • Fill all the details required.
  • Then press on "Signup"

Is Enrollment on Propproper Absolutely FREE Of Cost? Where to enroll?

Yes! Your enrollment on Propproper is completely FREE. We do not charge our users for the same. 

Go to the 'Sign In' link on the topmost right edge of the webpage.


To register on Propproper, click here.

  1. What are the advantages of selling/renting Properties on Propproper?

Once you have enrolled yourself on Propproper, you can definitely and undoubtedly enjoy a number of advantages from the website. Some of those are mentioned below:

Post your properties & get connected with the Buyers

  • Post one property for absolutely FREE of cost
  • Showcase your property to Maximum clients
  • Get immediate replies 
  • Get your own Dashboard
  • Track replies & connect with the  buyers/tenants instantly
  • Chat with buyers without revealing your communication details
  • Post Your Property Now

Additional Services

  • Estate packages services
  • Residence Cleaning Services
  • Vastu Services
  • Rent agreement Services
  • Tenant confirmation Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Estate Inspection Services
  1. How can I regain my password?

It's too simple! Follow these easy steps to enroll:

  • Click on the "Sign In" tab available on the topmost right edge of the webpage.
  • Click on "Forgot Password"
  • Enter your previously enrolled Email ID and click on the Submit option.
  • The Password will be sent to your Email account.
  1. Can I establish numerous accounts using the same telephone number and email ID as in my last account?

Certainly not, only a unique email ID and a single telephone number can be used for enrolling on the website of Propproper. But these can be used as alternative telephone numbers and email IDs after creating the recent account.

  1. Can I use the same Telephone Number and the Email ID after shutting off my former account?

Of course, yes, you can definitely use the following telephone number and Email ID once again for establishing a new account on Propproper.com.

  1. What is the method to shut off an account at Propproper?

An Email from your enrolled Email ID needs to be sent on Support@Propproper.com to shut off your account. You can also call on our helpline number from your enrolled telephone number, or submit a feedback on the website to shut off your account.

  1. Can I modify my account from Individual to Agent / Builder or vice versa?

In order to change the account type, you can send an email to Support@Propproper.com from your enrolled email Id with supporting documents for any sort of requested modification.

  1. How can I edit my account details at Propproper?
  • Log in to your "Propproper" account.
  • Place your cursor on the "My Account" option present right on the Menu Bar
  • Press on "Your Profile" available below "My Account" option
  • Click on "Edit Profile"
  • Now you can make your desired modifications towards your account on the "Edit Profile" page and then click on "Update Profile".
  1. How can I add / edit my profile picture?
  • Log in to your "Propproper" account.
  • Place your cursor on "My Account" present on the Menu Bar
  • Click on "Your Profile" available under "My Account"
  • Click on "Edit Profile"
  • Click on the picture thumbnail and upload your photo

Note : Picture type should be : jpg,png,jpeg and size cannot exceed : 1.5MB. ( Dimensions : Width:101px Height:101px )

Post & Search Property on Propproper:

  1. How do I search for properties?

It's too easy:

  • Just Go to Propproper.com
  • Click on " Search".
  • Select your "Location" and "Property Type"
  • Enter your "Location" and Search
  1. How should I upload a property to Sell / Rent on Propproper.com?

It's again too easy:

  • Signup on Propproper.com or Login if you have already signed up
  • Place your cursor on the Search Tab on the Menu Bar.
  • Click on "Sell / Rent Properties"
  • Fill all of the required details
  • Post your property pictures (High Resolution Photos recommended )
  • Click on "Publish"
  1. How can I monitor my own actions?

You can click on "My Dashboard" to view all of your actions previously taken through the website of Propproper.

  1. When can I find my property under search results?

A Property listing normally requires a maximum of 12 working hours to get screened and become noticeable on the Property Search Results Page. Once your property listing is screened, it will automatically be observable on Propproper.

  1. After uploading about my property, how will I know if somebody is interested in my property?

Every time when a potential buyer is enthusiastic about your property, you will be informed via Email with required basic details like Name, Mobile No and Email ID of a buyer. In addition to it, you will also receive an SMS every time a buyer shows any sort of interest on your listed property.